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Nine Principles to Increase Customer Favorability of an Amusement Park (3)

  1. Classify Principle

In fact, customers in each store can be classified according to age, job, consumption ability. Thus, the store can make targeted publicity and presevation to differen groups with different activities. On the one hand, increase participation rate, on the other hand, properly decrease shop assistants’ workload.

Methods: now almost all stores have their own member maintenance. The store can classify customers who have consumed before, and make targeted maintenance so as to increase regular customers and turnover ratio, and synchronously attract the flow and customers.

  1. Eyeball Principle

 The good wine is also afraid of the deep alley. The eyeball economy makes publicity an essential part of marketing. Any stores, if don’t emphasise on publicity, they are going to wait their doom. Therefore, in regional market, you should leave no means untried to make your store name or brabd slogan or signs everywhere.

Methods: propaganda carriers are everywhere, on the bus, wall, Internet, paper, phone and human body, fixed and current all can be propaganda carriers.

  1. False or True Principle

Everything in this world is conbined with false and true. As within, so without. As without, so within. Passenger flow is also like this, the passenger you can see is passenger, you can not see means within or without. To your store, coming means within, not coming means without.

Methods: today, in rapid development of Internet, the store should not only pay attention to visiable customers, but pay more attention to potential customers. There is no traditional industry, but traditional thought.