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Nine Principles to Increase Customer Favorability of an Amusement Park (4)

  1. Differentiation Principle

The Differentiation Principle tells us that in a regional market, customers can be divided into several groups. If we survey 1,000 customers and classify them according to reasons for their mobile phones, we will know what we should do to attract customers.Therefore, in the regional market we must classify the customer resoource so as to find how to attract mainstream passenger flow.

Methods: we cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can change the direction of the sail. Stores can differentiate and maintain the customers who have completed the transaction, so as to improve returned customer rate, improve the turnover rate, and achieve the synchronization of drainage and guest introduction.

  1. Interest Principle

As an old saying goes, “the world is bustling with people, all for profit”. Attracting customers with interests naturally is an effective principle. This interest is not the interest on price. It’s more like moulding customers’ cognitive value point to attract passenger flow, such as store value, brand value etc.

Methods: in this point, we must divide interest into two conceptions to understand, one is interest and another is interest point. Thus we can take good advantage of Interest Principle. Interest is real-time, it can be felt immediately, while interest point is lasting and it will be enjoyed at later time.

At present, the amusement industry is at the stage of transition. Increasing customer flow becomes the most important point. Through good sale program, according to nine principles to continously perfect amusement equipment and facilites and recover new vitility!