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Notes to Passengers

Mini shuttle is a new type of amusement track train rides that drive on an interchange track. It’s decorated with many cartoon characters and flowers and bring kids into an interesting adventure fairy world. In order to play safely and happily, passengers should strictly observe the following items:

Mini shuttle

Before taking the ride, passengers must wait outside the safety fence. When people are waiting, they should line up and not climb over the fence.

Children who cannot travel independently must be accompanied by an adult.

Before the device being stabilized, the passengers should listen to the staff of the scene and do not take it or leave it. Fasten the seat belt after siting, and hold the safe handle or other safety devices at the run time. The seat belt must not be unfastened.

The passengers should site well after the equipment operation, and do not stand or play at will and put feet and heads out of the cockpit, so as to avoid collision events.  

The passengers can get off when the equipment is stationary and contact the operator in case of emergency.

If there is a power failure, please do not get off the ride until the staff has not been notified.

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