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Notes to Passengers for Mini Pirate Ship

Notes to passengers for mini pirate ship


1.People who is valetudinarian, drunk, pregnant, and some one who have mental disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, dizzy movement disorder and any other alike disease are not allowed to ride the car. (Not limited to the above situation, the passengers should assess their physical condition, and also accept the asess of the staff.)

2.People who is under 1.1m can’t ride alone

3.The passengers should not take the personal effects which is easy to fall, and the camera, the cellphone and any other expensive goods, large goods should be given the staff to take care.

4.The passengers should obey the order of the staff, sit in order, comply with the order, no smoking, no eating and keep the public clean, also take care of the equipment.

5.When the passengers sit on the seats, the passengers mustn’t leave the seats after the start signal sounded.

6.The passengers should firmly grasp the handrail,don’t stand and play with others.

7.The passengers mustn’t leave the seats arbitrarily before the machine are not stop completely , 

When the machine is stationary and the staff give a sign, then the passengers can leave .

8.The passengers mustn’t walk loosely after leaving the seats,and should leave with the guidance of the staff.

mini pirate ship

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