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On the Design of Children’s Amusement Park

  1. Safety Design

Because children are not mature physically and mentally, their sense of self-protection is not as strong as that of adults. Therefore, in the design of the children’s amusement park franchising shop, the safety issue must be put on the first. Attention should be paid to the safety of mobile devices and the safety of site detail design, and there should be no dangerous protrusions (such as nails and bolts), extrusion points, sharp edges, sharp corners and openings that may jam children’s heads and fingers to avoid accidental injuries during children’s activities.

  1. Height Range Design

When choosing amusement equipment, business operators should follow children’s activities demand diversity, considering the children’s thirst for knowledge, strong curiosity, full of energy, eager to explore the surrounding world. In design, equipment should mix fun, participation, diversity and knowledge, create a relaxed, natural and functional playground for children.

If the site itself is not square, we might as well use local materials, adjust measures to local conditions according to the field of its own characteristics, customized to design. Different cities have different natural scenery and different local conditions and customs. Design should try to respect the nature, bring natural elements to amusement park, and should not seek too much artificial trace.

  1. Plant Design

Children’s amusement park is a paradise for children. In the design, attention must be paid to the height and range of children’s vision, so that the interior design of the park should be within the comfortable visual range of children, which will arouse their interest in the field and equipment.

  1. Sustainable Development Design

One of the characteristics of children is that they are constantly changing and developing. Development includes cognitive development, language development, emotional development, interest development, moral development, personality development, etc., and the diversity of children’s behavior development makes the mechanism of children’s growth environment complex, diverse and changeable. From passive to active, from imitation to creation, we are constantly urging reform breakthroughs.

For example, amusement (entertainment) equipment needs to match energy-saving, environment-friendly and safe products. This is accompanied by the continuous injection of new technologies in the fields of material science and information technology, which is particularly evident in the equipment design and manufacturing process.