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Operating Analysis of Indoor Amusement Park

Now, indoor amusement park is developing fast, you can see big and small indoor amusement parks in news. However, in view of the current operating situation, it’s not so profitable like we see. Most amusement parks don’t operate well, and simple theme, which caused it lose money. Especially some giant indoor amusement park, however, it doesn’t become the warning of flinching. The investors still are enthusiastic like usual. Even though each failure amusement park has its different causing factors. But analyse and observe in detail, maybe the common point in it can be found.

  1. Blindly invest, without enough consideration.

Not every city is suitable for openning indoor amusement park, and different levels of markets have different sizes of indoor amusement parks. But many investors just simply emphasise in its use and profit, ignore objective conditions of indoor amusement park.

  1. Similar theme and products.

Unique theme and novel products are the two key factors of whether the indoor amusement park can success or not. But in early period of developing indoor amusement park, many investors don’t have essential investigations, and don’t combine perfectly with local regional market, resource and cultural characters, just carry foreign successful case theme and products, thus there are many similar theme, products, simple indoor amusement park. As a result, they don’t finish expectant target and cause a mass of resource waste.