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Operating Children’s Amusement Park, What Is the Difference of Indoor and Outdoor?

Children’s amusement park is a place for children to play and have fun. There are two types of children’s amusement parks: one is outdoor children’s amusement park and the other is indoor children’s amusement park. Investors should pay attention to and consider different factors when investing in the two kinds of amusement parks, and the operation mode is also different. What is the difference?

Different requirements for the site.

The requirements of indoor and outdoor amusement parks are different, one is inside and one is outside. The cost of natural rental sites also varies. In the same area with similar level of economic consumption, the rent of indoor amusement park is relatively higher than that of outdoor amusement park in general, and the cost of outdoor amusement equipment leasing is relatively not so high. One is that the economic value of an outdoor amusement park is not as high as that of an indoor amusement park. It costs much in later period decoration of indoor children’s amusement park. And outdoor can leave out these expenditure. The other is that indoor amusement park is not affected by the weather, whether it is rain or snow, hot or cold, indoor amusement equipment can be operated as usual. And outdoor will be affected by weather, geographical environment and other factors.

Equipment items are selected differently.

Then there is the choice of amusement equipment between indoor and outdoor parks. General outdoor parks more choice space in the purchase of amusement equipment. They can select small amusement equipment, children’s amusement equipment, medium amusement equipment, large amusement equipment.

Indoor amusement park has certain limit in the amusement equipment of selection and purchase. In general, medium amusement equipment and large amusement equipment do not suit to be put into indoors, because it’s too tall too wide and too heavy. Indoor amusement park can choose only those small amusement equipments, children’s amusement equipment, naughty fort, theme amusement equipment and so on. Indoor recreation facilities are more exclusive.

Different marketing methods.

General indoor amusement equipment, customary marketing methods such as: handling membership cards, they may be divided into gold card, silver card, ordinary card and so on, card class level is different, enjoy the preferential intensity is the same. Or rechargeable marketing, how much to give away. This will also make customers feel affordable, thus attracting customers and forming a fixed consumer group.

And the management methods of outdoor amusement park adopt this kind of means also have, but few. At ordinary times, most of the marketing depends on buying tickets, one device, one ticket, and buy alone; Or a joint ticket, several devices a ticket. Still have a few operators will send out discount in a few group buy platform. It’s also a marketing tool for outdoor rides. The consumer group of the outdoor park is not fixed as the indoor consumer group.

Both outdoor and indoor parks have their own advantages and places to pay attention to. Investors can carefully consider which type of children’s amusement park to invest in according to their own planning objectives and combined with actual investigation.