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Operation and Installation about Roller Coaster That Must Be Paid Attention to

Operation and installation about roller coaster that must be paid attention to

1.Appreciate children’s needs. Children have their own right to play games. From the games, they can see the exciting color, experience the special joy and happiness of getting knowledge.
2. Divide the age group. Who will be your target age group? What should you need to consider for this group? It will be a very important process for the preliminary. To build a full-featured amusement playground, there must be a full consideration of children divergent needs and their growth stage. If the amusement playground needs to entertain disabled children, their extraordinary needs must also be fully took into account.
3. Objective condition of the site. Define the total area for the amusement site. Considering the objective elements of influencing amusement roller coaster.

4.The entrance and exit of the playground .Choosing position of amusement playground must consider the surrounding traffic. Whether it is convenient to ride a bike and scooter, and to push baby carriage and a wheelchair.

5.Placement and color of equipment. Light, shadow, sun, wind and other factors must be considered . Moreover, another important factor is color. Because it has a huge influence on kids, and it can bring kids happy mood.

6.Measures for high altitude protection. Protection measurement must be suitable for the game in this area.

It can be sand, safety mat, wood surface to own enough thickness to slow down its impact.

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