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Operator Instructions about Large Inflatable Castle

Inflatable castle with unique design and changeable shape, allows investors to create unlimited happy atmosphere for customers in limited space.Our castle uses the high grade jumping bed special fabric, and its surface has been processed by anti-corrosion. It is then accompanied with various cartoon patterns. Then during the using period, what maintenance should we do?

Inflatable Naughty Castle

1.Make sure that the power and draught fan of children inflatable castle is normal in the process of use; if you need replace the power supply or turn off the fan, make sure that the children are fully evacuated.

2.If such products are used in coastal areas or other windy areas, operators need to fix their products on the ground.

3.The stains can be cleaned with detergent; using a soft towel to clean, not a hard brush; the castle should be placed in a cool, dry place when it is long unused.

4.If entering rain in the process of using, operators should use the fan to blow up the castle in time and open the rest of the fan mouth to blow away the internal water and make proper drying.

By Jinshan carnival rides