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Ordering process of Jinshan amusement equipment

1. You should know more about the product what you are interested in.

2. Select the amusement equipment you want to buy. Understand the product price, size, size, electrical needs and other aspects of the details, in order to facilitate the user site planning and infrastructure construction.

3. Reach a consensus, sign an order contract and pay a deposit. After the signing of the contract by the treaty contract prepaid part of the deposit, usually 50% of the total value of the product.

4. Manufacture start to produce the equipment as customer’s requirement after receive deposit, usually small equipment production time is about 15 days, the large equipment production time is about 25 days.

5. After finish production, our customers will pay the balance, manufacture help delivery the products.

6. Packing and delivery. Manufacture can contact shipping company or customers can contact the shipping company themselves.

7. Installing and debugging. We can arrange our engineer go to our customers country to install the equipment. You should pay our engineer salary and provide meals and accommodation.

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