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Pain Points and Solutions of Indoor Children’s Amusement Park Business

When developing customers, the most troublesome thing for each children’s playground is “client diversion” of many of its peers. The current homogenization of children’s amusement parks so serious that differentiating marketing strategies for a large number of potential customers is necessary for the future development of every child’s amusement park. The marketing of indoor children’s playground has a certain degree of specificity, mainly manifest in the following aspects: 1. The decision right of the child’s consumption is in the parents’ hands, the playground shall not only win the children’s favorite, but also obtain the parent’s approval, at least not offend the parents; 2. Children’s play items have certain timeliness. After a certain period of time, the child’s sense of freshness will reduce. 3. The target customers of indoor children’s playgrounds are children, so that safety and environmental protection are problems that must be considered.

How to do it is very important, but the reason of doing it is more important: only know what to do, but do not know the real needs of the target customer base, let alone understand the operation and marketing, this project is doomed to failure. So, everything is for sales, what are the specific methods ?

1.Self-media marketing

The influence of the self-media has been recognized by insider. Children’s amusement park establishes self-media marketing channels for specific consumer groups through Facebook, twitter, ins and other consumer-appealing applications, rapidly disseminates brand consulting, and shapes happy brand image to win more consumers.

Looking at most of the current online marketing in the market, most of the content of social marketing is based on the Taoist level, but for the problems and perplexities that parks real face in self-media marketing, as well as the specific steps self-media operations, there are few reliable path tutorials.

◎ Problems faced by self-media marketing:

(1) Have capacity to built the self-media but don’t know how to do it.

(2) After two months of the honeymoon period of the establishment of self-media matrix, feel lost for a long time.

(3) There is no continuous content output capability.

◎ What does a good self-media look like?

(1) Firstly, attract a group of people with the same frequency.

(2) Be able to continue to output content: either the community leader’s continually output, or group members’ crowd funded output.

(3) Have a set of organizational structures (community leaders, organizers, managers, participants) of operating from of the self-media.

(4) Be clear of the media positioning (your own media operating philosophy, operating model).

◎ How to take the first step in media operations:

(1) Before running your own media, you need to be clear about what the primary purpose of the media operations is!

  1. Further expansion and recycling of human resources?
  2. For the ultimate sale of yourown products?
  3. Just for interest?
  4. In order to create yourown influence?

(2) In addition, you need to be clear about what kind of value you can give the audience in the end. To provide a dimension of specific value you need to consider the following points!

  1. To grasp the pain points of friends in the group, value shaping and value output should be made based onpain points.
  2. The content of the value output must be specific, andbe specific enough to be executed.
  3. Remember that there must be rewards and liquidity.
  4. It must be mutually beneficial and sustainable.

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2.Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing has become one of the children’s amusement park marketing magic. Led by consumers’ subjective experiences and feelings, it creates a free, cheerful, healthy and warm atmosphere, which fully stimulates and mobilizes emotional factors and rational factors such as the senses, emotions, thinking, actions and association of consumers, and promotes recycling consumption.

The core concept of experiential marketing is not only to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, but also to create and provide them with valuable experiences.

(1) Entertainment Marketing

(2) Aesthetic Marketing

(3) Emotional Marketing

(4) Lifestyle Marketing

(5) Atmosphere Marketing


3.Holiday activities marketing

Children’s Day, National Day, summer vacations, and winter holidays … Children’s amusement park can host a variety of entertainment activities during major holiday seasons. For example, regular events or raffle events for children of specific groups can be held on holidays or anniversaries, so as to attract the popularity of the neighborhood, increase consumer participation, enhance consumers’ brand identity and trust, expand the influence of children’s playgrounds, and help the park quickly occupy the surrounding markets.


4.Word-of-mouth marketing

As the saying goes, the gold cup or silver cup is not as good as the people’s word-of-mouth, so the word-of-mouth of consumers is very important. Children’s park service attitude is very important to word-of-mouth marketing. With a good service attitude, children and parents are happy to play. Thus a good word-of-mouth will gradually spread, and there will be a greater chance of successfully tapping potential consumers. 

Sometimes good word-of-mouth can be achieved by mistaken; sometimes it is a well-planned result. Anyway, it must have some basic elements in order to spread word-of-mouth.

These elements are the so-called five “T”: Talkers, Topics, Tools, Taking Part, and Tracking.

(1) Talkers: Who will talk about you with friends?

(2) Topics: What will they talk about?

(3) Tools: What methods do you use to boost word-of-mouth?

(4) Taking part: How do you join in talking?

(5) Tracking: What are people talking about you?



Through various management methods such as membership points, hierarchies, etc., the analysis of member consumption information provides different preferential policies for different grades of members to increase the stickiness and activity of consumers. Excavate customer’s follow-up consumption power, draw on the value of lifelong consumption and maximize the value of each customer.

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