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Parent-child Amusement Playground Development

In recent years, the parent-child amusement market in China has been developing vigorously, accompanied by fierce competition.So how to make your kids park stand out and get out of trouble? Here following are some methods.

1.Segment the market and highlight the feature.

Parent-child amusement playground should be designed depending on children’s world view. Children prefer new and challenging equipment, but safety is always the most important. Operators can design many themes, like science theme, ocean theme, rural theme, forest theme and candy theme, etc, providing customers with multiple choices; in addition, people can combine children’s textbook knowledge with the playing to improve their cognitive experience.

2.Balance demand and enhance interaction

As a sub-market of family tourism, the development of parent-child products should consider the needs of all family members. Operators should make the kids playground various to satisfy different family needs and stimulate its development.

3.Innovate ideas, enrich functions

It has been a long history for parent-child playground in the the European and American developed countries, and it has formed a relatively complete market operation system and product form, which represents the new trend of the parent-child market, so we can imitate and exploit. In addition, parent-child games is closely related to the positive growth of children, and it will be a hot of spots for some family to concern astronomy, history, art, nature, geography, literature and other factors, so all these can be transformed into games to mobilize children enthusiasm and mold their physical and psychological health. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to market trends and absorb new ideas, new thinking, and new models, Meanwhile, you also should focus on children’s education, food, entertainment and other industries integration to enrich and enhance their competitiveness.

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