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Passenger Notes (Challenger Inflatable Bumper Car)

  1. Weak, sick, mentally ill and drunk people are not allowed to ride.
  2. Children aged 12 and under 1.4 meters must be properly protected by adults before they can ride.
  3. Passengers should obey the command and sit in order; observe public order, maintain public health and care for equipment.
  4. After sitting down, you must fasten your seat belt and not smoke or eat.
  5. Don’t touch the electrode floor with your hands or other objects.
  6. Passengers are not allowed to leave their seats and touch other vehicles with their hands after the driving signal has been sounded.
  7. Stepping the switch with right foot, the car starts to run, turn the direction basin, let the vehicle run as intended.

           8. Passengers may leave the bumper car only after the stop signal has sounded. Before leaving the car, please check and do not leave any articles.