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Pay Attention to the Details in the Operation of the Children’s Amusement Park

The development of the children’s industry in recent years has been very rapid, and many investors have invested in this industry. Among them, naughty castle park is very popular to investors, but it is not easy to open and manage a naughty castle park. There are so many minor problems you need to pay attention to during the opening of the park:

First, the basic issues to be aware of when starting a naughty castle park business

1.It is important to accurately locate the ages of the children to be served, because the needs of children of different ages are not the same; meanwhile, whether the number of children in the selected age group meets the operational requirements of the children’s naughty park is also one of the issues need to be considered;

2.The size of the naughty castle area is also very important, and it is necessary to fully consider whether it can continue to be operated in the future;

3.If you really want to operate naughty castle park, you must pay attention to safety issues, implement project selection, identification reminders, security measures, and so on.


Second, the details of the management of naughty castle park after the opening

1.Advertising is very important. If conditions permit, you can advertise on the TV station. At the same time, you can make full use of the Internet, such as WeChat, Weibo and other platforms. In addition, you can distribute free flyers in nearby communities to attract more customers.

2.Be cautious about the supply of naughty park equipment manufacturers, because the equipment of naughty castle park is almost provided for children, whose self-protection awareness is still very weak, so the amusement equipment must be strictly controlled in terms of safety technology and environmental protection materials. The equipment is best not to have any metal corners, small objects which is easy to fall off and other safety hazards;

3.You can operate some other items from multiple angles, such as some children’s books which are beneficial to their intelligencedevelopment, plush toys, children’s food and beverages, etc.

4.Maintaining safety and hygiene in the naughty castle park is the duty of the park’s staff. The staff should strictly prohibit children or parents who carry sharp or hard objects and knives from entering the naughty castle to avoid harming themselves or others; Children are prohibited from chasing, playing tricks and bringing food and drinks into the naughty castle;

5.Naughty castle park is a world of children’s paradise, but it is not a nursery in the eyes of everyone. The consequences of any accident on children are serious, so even if the security situation has been paid enough attention to, the staff must take careful of everywhere. Beware, properly remind parents that they also needs to keep an eye on their children during the process of accompanying to avoid unnecessary troubles and accidents.