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Pirate Ship

Speaking of medium-sized amusement equipment, pirate ship must keep you fresh. Now in any playground or park, you can always see its trace. Huge body, dragon boat general body, as well as the pirate captain is looking ahead, which give an deep impression on children.

pirate ship

Speaking of the pirate ship, it must be mentioned its name. The real Pirate ship have been sailing on the waves, which certainly will cause big waves, so the amusement rides–pirate ship get the inspiration from here. Pirate ship is driven by the pulley with powered motor to shake the boat up and down, so you feel like the waves in the same bumps. Swing amplitude reaches 45 ° or more, absolutely stimulate your nerves, you can not help but shouting.

Therefore, the pirate ship gets everyone’s approval and love, if you have not played, then hurry to try it.

By Jinshan carnival rides