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Place Requirements for Thrill Amusement Rides

1. Users should make the basis according to the foundationdesign of our company.

2. The user should prepare the grounding network. The grounding resistance of the grounding network is not more than 10 ohms according to the provisions of 2.21.5 of the national standard GB8408-87. The grounding point should be easy to use when installing the equipment. Or make a grounding network according to the lightning protection grounding diagram provided by our company.

3. The user fully considers the floor space of the waiting area. The waiting area is generally 50~200m2. The user can entrust our company to make the fence of the waiting area, or the user can solve it by himself. The design standard of the fence should be in accordance with GB8408-87 3.6.4. the prescribed design.

4. Fence and waiting area ground requirements: The fence is required to be sturdy and durable, and it is convenient to wait in line. The ground in the waiting area should be level without water and weeds. It is best to lay the floor tiles.

5. Equipment selection should take full account of the site to quickly evacuate tourists, and should consider the harmony of the surrounding landscape.

6. Users should bring their own broadcast audio system, use the broadcast sound system to broadcast visitors’ notices and more coordinated music. The broadcast audio system should have functions such as radio, sound reinforcement and deck. The effective output power of the system is not less than 2×50W.

7. Since the equipment room is a dangerous area, the idlers are forbidden to enter, and the user must set up the necessary dry powder fire extinguishing device in the equipment room to prevent accidents.