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Playing the New Amusement Equipment Should Adhere to Four Principles

Recent years, the new amusement equipment develop quickly, and the demand of expanding market promote the rapid development. Now let us learn about the four principles during playing the new amusement equipment.

1.Notes to passengers. Before playing the new amusement equipment, passengers should learn about the characteristics, instructions, safety instruction and warnings. At the same time, they must listen to the safety knowledge explanation and instructions from the workers to keep safe.

2.Security check mark. Check whether the new amusement equipment has the security check mark and whether it is in the inspection period. Don’t play the equipment that don’t have the registration certificate and qualified report.

3.Suitable crowd: Before playing the new amusement equipment, it should note the real physical condition and demand of amusement equipment for ages and some certain diseases, it is better to choose the suitable amusement equipment to play.

4.Target user. Check whether the safety device of amusement equipment is complete and effective. If not, passengers should refuse to play.

In a word, the safety comes first during playing the amusement equipment. Carefully check every safety mark and follow staff directions, will ensure the safety of playing. In addition, the investors should do a good work for the maintenance of equipment to insure the normal operation of amusement equipment.

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