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Popular Game Battery Bumper Car

In recent years, the battery bumper car become more and more popular with children and adults. The capacity is usually 2 person. The children can ride it with the parents. In addition to, it can be used in scenic spot, amusement park, shopping mall or other places.

For battery bumper car, It does not need the ground net and the sky net. It can run well in any floor, such as concrete floor, Marble floor, etc. So, It’s not subject the floor and It is a very popular entertainment device. Visitors drive personally, left and right, move forward and backward, greatly enhancing the interaction of tourists. The outer shell of the product is made of FRP material, and the protective layer is made of colored gel coat, which has high strength, acid and alkali resistance, and no faded. The outer ring buffer is made of bumper tires, which have a long service life and no deformation in the sun. The entire car is powered by a battery.