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Popular Rides: Carousel

Carousel is a very classic amusement equipment which is also attractive to many tourists, especially kids. We can find one carousel in the local park at least. It also can be placed both indoor and outdoor.

Nowadays with the development of times, the design of carousel has broken through the original simply structure shape into a wide variety of animal shapes, such as unicorns. There are also many different horse type for buyer to choose.

Besides, carousel can be customized according to customers’ requirements. If for business use, the carousel should be put in the crowed, such as amusement park, community hall, shopping malls, squares market, etc.

Carousel is one of the hot products in our factory. We have exported it to America, Spain, Chile, Tanzania, Peru, the UK, Kenya and so many countries. Meanwhile, our carousel has a good quality with best price, the CE certification can be provided to customer.

For carousel, we usually has two types, luxury merry go round and simple merry go round. For acquiring more details, just contact us at any time!