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Precautions for Children to Play Amusement Rides

  1. Look for recreational equipment “security clearance” logo.
  2. Do not lift the seat belt and open the safety door of the ride.
  3. Listen to the staff command
  4. Please read “Passenger Information” before taking a children’s entertainment.
  5. For the track train and self-control aircraft compartment, please sit tightly, do not play slapstick, and do not hand out the window.
  6. Prohibit hanging basket for children’s swing chair, and it is also strictly prohibited standing on the hanging basket or squatting on the seat.
  7. In case of child entertainment facilities failure, do not be panic. Waiting in the original position, pay attention to listen to the radio, and waiting for staff to rescue, do not take self-help measures.

I trust that the above detailed descriptions will make you a deeper understanding on children’s entertainment facilities. Anytime, please keep it in the mind “safety is the most important”.