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Precautions for Riding Large Amusement Equipments

Please check the ride notes. There will be “riding instructions” and “safety precautions” in the eye-catching places of amusement equipment.

Children need to be accompanied by their parents when they playing, it is necessary for parents to take care of the minors when they riding, children are not allowed to ride the amusement equipment alone to avoid accidents.

Passengers are required to follow the staff’s arrangements. Passengers should wait outside the barrier, and queue up when it is crowded. When you get on or off, please watch your head and foot so as not to be knocked or fall. Please don’t jump over the railings or cross the cordon.

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Passengers should fasten their seat belts. Do not tamper with the amusement equipment before it stops, and please check whether the safety pressure bar is pressed properly, whether it is fixed and reliable. When the amusement equipment is running, you need to hold the safety handle with both hands, the seat belt must not be unlocked.

Passengers can’t extend their bodies out of the cabin when riding on the rides, and should sit on the seat in a positive position. Please don’t walk around.

Passengers should keep their own goods. During the operation of the amusement equipment, you should keep your belongings properly and do not scatter or throw objects.

Be calm if the amusement equipment has some malfunction. Any amusement facilities have corresponding safety protection devices, and the amusement parks also have corresponding emergency measures.