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Preparation and Precautions of Running Indoor Playground

Preparation and precautions of running indoor playground

Fund support

1, budget operating funds;

2, the expected passenger flow volume;

3, the cost recovery period and profitability

Analysis of fund input: The cost of indoor playground, the installation costs of indoor playground,  the freight cost of indoor playground

Choosing the right place

Matters which need to be paid attention to business environment investigation:

1.Conducting a survey on industries related to the nature of children, such as maternal and child stores, children’s toy stores, children’s photography, children’s swimming pools, early childhood education centers and kindergartens, etc

2.Assessingthe population around the park;

3.Makinga brief analysis on potential customer groups

4.Analyzethe operation of other competitors andthe advantages that you own.

Suggestions for site selection

1.Areas with high frequency of commercial activity;

2.Areas with high population density;

3.The city center with more passenger flow;

4.The block of similar stores (baby supplies shop);

5.The places where people gather together;

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