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Preparations before Investing in Large Amusement Equipment

We must do our homework before investing in large-scale amusement rides. For example, the field trip of the product, the investigation of large-scale amusement equipment market, and the preparation. The preparation of funds is the most important link in the preparation of large-scale amusement equipment.Generally speaking, investing in large-scale amusement equipment can be divided into two main items: upfront funds and later funds.

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The upfront money mainly includes: cost of purchasing large amusement equipment, pre-opening advertising investment, making tickets, membership cards, business license and relevant operating procedures, etc.

The later funds include: peacetime cleaning expenses; the cost of purchasing more equipment in the later stage,with the improvement of operation, the operators need to keep updating the new equipment, because the passengers flow will be less and less when there is no novelty; the cost in water, electricity, firefighting, equipment inspection; if the money is sufficient, the operators can install the camera in the field, which is convenient for management and prevention of thievery.

After both funds being ready, the operators will be able to operate in a more convenient way and be able to enter the profit stage more quickly.

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