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Price of Amusement Equipment

Recently some customers asked why the same amusement equipment has different price? What cause it ?

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Production cost. The production cost includes raw material, water and electricity, workers’ wages, production efficiency and so on. In recent years, the price of steel has been lower and the cost of raw material has decreased. In this sense, the price of amusement equipment should also be reduced; while the increase of workers’ wages and water and electricity causes the increase of production cost, so that the price of amusement equipment becomes higher. Production efficiency refers to the period of production of the same equipment.

Manufacturing technology. The same products, due to the different production techniques used by each manufacturer, can also cause the price different. For example, hundreds of yuan of smart phones and thousands of smart phones can also surf on the internet, but the functions are much different. Therefore, while price is important in the selection of amusement equipment, quality is the most important, and the quality of the business is closely related to the quality.

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