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Principle of the Quotation of Children Amusement Equipment


There are many amusement equipment, but their prices are different. The same amusement equipment in different places, the price is also different, So what is the principle of the quotation of amusement equipment?

The price of children amusement equipment should be determined according to the product. Newly developed products, due to increased investment in product design, so the price is relatively high, thenthe quotation should be based on product design cost, mold design cost, raw materials cost, production hours and manufacturers spending to calculate. The old products, as a result of mature technology, high production efficiency, and production costs, can be well controlled, so the quotation is very transparent.

Children amusement equipment quotation should be based on different sales cycle to make the appropriate changes. Same with other industries, this industry is divided into low seasons and peck season. Depending on the actual conditions, children amusement equipment’s quotation need to be made corresponding adjustments.

The quotation of children amusement equipment shall be determined by the cost of the product. The same kind of products, if the raw materials and decorative requirements are different, quotations are also not same.

By Jinshan carnival rides