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Principles to Lubricate Amusement Rides

It is very important to lubricate amusement equipment, and it is also the key to ensure normal operation of amusement equipment. The following principles must be accordant when lubricating amusement facilities:

Firstly, you should ensure the quality of lubricating oil. The oil should be purchased from big-name companies.

Secondly, the operators should clean, add and change lubricating oil regularly.

Thirdly, you should add or change oil quantificationally.

Fourthly, you should notice the lubricating parts and points of the amusement equipment, keeping them clean and intact. Don’t forget  refueling on time.

Fifthly, according to the suggestion of amusement equipment manufacturer, the operator should demonstrate the working process when customers buy the amusement rides so that customers clearly understand how to lubricate.

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