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Promotion Methods for Amusement Parks in Different Periods

Previous Marketing Method.

  1. Employ some leaflet personnel to distribute advertisements in the vicinity of the mall and deliver them to the household.
  2. Production of leaflets, roll up, convenience cards, business cards, reminders, stickers and so on.
  3. Inviting kindergarten children and students from elementary school to visit and experience in the park.
  4. Through SMS platform, send cell phone advertising information to mobile users.
  5. Cooperating with supermarkets or merchants in the same building. If you have enough shopping, you will be given a vouchers and membership cards for children’s parks.
  6. As long as you enter the shop and play, there is a gift will be send for free.
  7. Organizing small activities in the park, reward the top three; establish good relationships with children and parents.

Promotion Methods in Business.

Guide method.

Putting posters at the doorway of the store, where people flow much. The staff guide customers, and when you’ve spent enough money, gifts are given to each other.

It can also cooperate with some other businesses to promote each other and make a profit. Because the target group is children, they can give some gifts about children.