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Regular Inspection of Large Amusement Equipment

Note of large amusement equipment‘regular inspection

1. Safety precautions

About the passenger part which is in moving in air, the overall structure should be strong and reliable, and the important parts should take insurance measures.There shall be no less than two wire ropes or chains for the hoisting of the passenger. In connection with the seating section, it must consider if one break ,but can maintain a balance.In addition, the door of the enclosed cockpit which is more than 1m above the ground, must be equipped with two locking devices or a safe locking device that cannot be opened inside. The import and export stopper of the non- encloses cockpit also set up the safety of the locking device.

When the amusement equipment is operating, if the power supply is suddenly cutting off or have some problem which will threaten the passengers’ safety, it must have an automatic or manual emergency stop device. After the amusement equipment have any malfunction in operation, it should divert the passenger.

2. Passenger safety restraints

When the amusement equipment is operating , the passenger may be moved, collided or tossed out, it must have the passenger safety restraints. For the large amusement equipment, it must include two independent safety restraints which can use the seat belts, safety bars, etc. In addition, the restraints will be reliable and comfortable, easy to adjust and operation.

Seat belt: it can be used individually equipment for slight swing or slow lifting speed, which is without turning over and dangerous. Generally it should be equipped with auxiliary handles.For furious equipment, seat belts can be used as auxiliary restraints.

Safety pressure bar: when the amusement equipment is operating, it may cause the passenger to be thrown out of the danger, must set the corresponding type of safety pressure bar. The safety bar itself must have sufficient strength and locking force to ensure that visitors are not thrown or dropped and remain locked until the device stops running.

3. The demand for security fences and platforms

The security fences much set the import and export, it is better to set the guided fence. And the platforms must have the skid resistant measure. The opening direction should be same with the travelling direction, the height of the platform should be easy to go up and down.

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