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Requirements of Operating Amusement Equipment

There are a lot of people running the rides, so the whole market need the requirement to keep a stable state. Therefore, what are the requirements for operating the pleasure equipment? Let’s have a look today.

Placement of safety signs

For the amusement equipment, whose height of cabin is more than two meters high, and level speed is more than two meters per second, they must be gone through inspection before using every year, and need to be put the inspection logo prominently posted outside. In addition, the information should be shown in details, so that visitors can understand it before they play the ride.

Daily maintenance of amusement equipment

Routine maintenance includes checking the mechanical operation part of the equipment, the expiry date of the consumer equipment, and whether running without exception and noise, screw fixing and lubricating oil addition etc.These daily maintenance are very important, and many problems can be found in daily maintenance.

Do a good job of cleaning

Include the cleaning of the site, equipment and disinfection work.Clean Equipment will let visitors ride safely, after all nobody want to stay a dirty site. Keeping clean can improve the tourists favor and trust, and attract more tourists consumption, virtually leading to higher profits.

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