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Run an Indoor Children’s Amusement Park. Have You Grasped It Well?

At present in our country, national policy or parents idea both pay much attention to children’s plate. The openning of country’s two-child policy, coupled with rapid urbanization development, now the choice of children’s travel for pleasure is inevitablly healthy clean indoor children’s playground. Equipment safety, sanitation, project playable degree are the biggest advantages of children’s amusement park, as long as serious running, good services are taking, the market benefit will be very considerable.

  1. How to choose the site of indoor amusement park?

The indoor children’s amusement parks are generally located in shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, and residential areas. In common, the investors prefer the first two, which are shopping malls and shopping centers. The main features are large daily flow, high visibility, and perfect surrounding business districts. The second point is that most of the customers who go to the mall have strong spending power, and they are more affluent for children. It is an ideal place to invest in children’s amusement parks. In recent two years, there has been a huge change in the selection of children’s amusement  parks. It is also the transformation of the children’s play industry. At present, most of the investors’ project sites are mostly in new development areas, tourist attractions, farms and other separate buildings. From a few hundred squares and a thousand squares’ naughty castle projects to over ten thousands complex amusement parks.

  1. How much area does openning an amusement park need?

The project site does not have a specified size, which is mainly based on the local consumption situation, market consumption amount, investor budget, location and other factors.To a small extent, dozens of square, hundred square, a single naughty castle project, several projects supporting also have been done. Exaggeratively to say, join the brand amusement park, tens of thousands of square tourism development zone is also at a large amount, of course, finally it need to be according to the actual situation of the local and the investor’s investment budget to make comprehensive understanding.

  1. What equipment indoor children’s amusement park generally need to purchase?

At present, the indoor children’s amusement park is quite popular, such as the devil’s slide, naughty fort, million ball pool, rock climbing, children’s swimming pool, etc., the project configuration is mainly based on the park area, investment budget, planning and design layout and other issues. What some investors feel is popular recently, they are going to make the corresponding project, for example, recently a super hot VR virtual experience, but not all emerging project suits for each site, if set up large areas of VR virtual experience equipment in a new development zone, it not only failed to attract a large number of passenger flow, prompting regional waste equipment, site gathered popularity, the overall project will seem very quiet.