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Rusting Problems Appear on Amusement Equipment

Nowadays the frame of amusement equipment is made of steel, so they have a prominent defect-easy to rust, which will cause there is a reduction in the using years and the equipment accident occurred without safety inspection. Here are some suggestions from Jinshan:


Firstly, spray paint on the spot where the amusement equipment is easy to rust.This is the most common and most commonly used method, but the effects are often different.The main reasons are the selection of paint and the methods of spraying paint. Therefore, we must choose the good paint to paint the appearance and the painting process must be ensured.

Secondly, upgrade the materials used. There has a new type of composite material in the market, which ensures that the material has the strength of steel and also has good corrosion resistance.But the material also has its own defects: poor conductivity, or almost no electricity, so we must make a plan about the used parts.

Finally, use of anodic corrosion resistance method. The specific method is fixing the zinc rivet on the amusement equipment, because the zinc material is more prone to corrosion than steel, so the inc rivet will give priority to rust, thus protecting the equipment. The method only requires us to replace the rivet in time.

By Jinshan carnival rides