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Safe Tips of Amusement Equipment

These years, more and more park and shopping mall set up amusement equipment area for kids to play, to avoid safety accidents, parents should teach children some safety tips during playing amusement equipment.

Firstly, Children should know that they can not push other children when they play at some higher amusement equipment, so that avoiding kids fall from amusement equipment.

Secondly, all kids like jumping, so parents should tell kids that they must notice whether there are foreign bodies to avoid kids getting hurt.

Besides, before taking kids out to play, please don’t let kids wear the cloth with ropes or too many decorations, because the ropes or decoration are caught in amusement equipment, it will be dangerous.

Finally, before the amusement equipment stopping completely, please don’t take off seats belts and come down from amusement equipment in advance, because this is very accident prone.

By Jinshan carnival rides