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Safety Caution of Kids Flying Chair in Amusement Park

Safety Caution of Kids Flying Chair in Amusement Park

1.The machine should include the GFCI protection, and you should confirm that the grounding electrode in the outlet connects with the ground wire . All these connection should be operated by the professional persons.

2.The shell of the control box is metal, and the rack should connect with the ground wire unfailingly.(Ground resistance≤10Ω)

3.Only if the machine stops safely, children are allowed to enter or leave the cabins,

4.Only if the kids sit inside steadily, the machine can start.

5.When the machine is working, nobody is allowed to enter inside the fence. And passengers can’s leave the cabins, either.

6.If the machine can’t run well or stop automatically, turn off the main switch or pull out the plug immediately .

7.During inspection, cut off all the power in advance.

8.When changing the protective tube, you should use same protective tube. 

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