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Safety design requirements for Ferris wheel rides


There are a lot of safety design requirements about Ferris wheel. Specific requirements are as follows:

1. The doors and windows of high-altitude cockpit should have sufficient strength.

2. The parallelism deviation between the axial and horizontal plane of the typical structural theme support axis should be less than 1/1000, and the inclination deviation should be no more than 1/5000 of the distance design value of the two support center.

3, The turntable support shaft of Ferris wheel, hanging axle and other typical structural functions similar to the support shaft and other important shaft should be carried out on the ultrasonic and magnetic stall.

4, Important shaft, pin, important welds and general components of the scope should be consistent with GB8408-2008 standards.

As long as these 4 points can be done, then it can be audited basically.

By Jinshan carnival rides