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Safety is The Most Important in Amusement Park

When the holiday comes, many parents will choose to take their children to the playground. However, no matter what kind of project you will play, you must remember that safety is the first. Then I will give you a few points of safety precautions.

1.When playing amusement equipment that including revolution and rotation, if there is any discomfort, the tourist should immediately use  motion to tell the staves, then they will promptly stop the equipment and arrange the tourist to rest or be treated according to the actual situation.

2.The massive blackouts can cause the rides to stop, at this time, the tourists should not be panic, and listen to the staff, so that they can reach a safe place.

3.If there is a fire at an amusement park, passengers are often forced to stay in their seats and are unable to move, but only passively wait to be rescued, thus losing their ability to escape. Therefore, tourists should not put paper waste in the crevices of the amusement equipment to avoid causing fire; if people find that someone is smoking, they should remind smokers not to throw cigarette at the amusement park.

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