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Safety Knowledge of Large Amusement Equipment

Safety first! It is certain risk to play large amusement equipment, so we must strictly comply with the safety regulations. Here we come to learn the safety knowledge of large amusement equipment.

  1. Before taking a large amusement facility, please look for the “Safety Inspection Qualification” signs that printed by the AQSIQ.
  2. Please read the “Passenger Tips” carefully when you take a large amusement ride. Children under 14 years of age should not take the roller coaster, pirate ship, space shuttle, brave turntable and other exciting amusement equipments.
  3. Never put any part of your body, such as your hand, arm, foot, etc. out of the cabin when the large amusement equipment is still running, and never unlock the seat belt, open the security bar without notice.
  4. When you are taking the rotating and tumbling amusement equipment, please be sure to make your glasses, camera, bag, key, mobile phone and other droppable items keep by your friends or the staff in the playground, never take these stuff into the cabins of these large amusement equipment.
  5. Listen to the direction of the staff, get on and off in order, sit tightly in your seats and do not access to the isolation zone with authorization.
  6. If there occurs any accident during the equipment operation, do not panic and move,sit well in the original location and waiting for the rescue. Do not unlock the seat belt, open the security bar arbitrarily.
  7. After the amusement equipment stop running, please unlock the seat belt and lift the safety bar under the command, guidance or help of the staff.

How to deal with the abnormal situation of large amusement equipment?

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