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Safety Precautions of Amusement Equipment

Safety Precautions

1.The power supply of amusement machine shall be protected by a electric leakage switch, and the grounding electrode in the power outlet must be reliably connected with the protection grounding wire (network). The connection of each set of electrical wires must be operated by a professional electrical installer.

2.The metal shell of the electric control cabinet must be reliably connected to the protective grounding wire. (ground resistance ≤ 10Ω)

3.After the amusement machine is safely stopped, children can sit or leave the cabin.

4.The machine is not allowed to start the game machine unit passengers sit in the cabin.

5.When the amusement machine is in operation, it is forbidden for anyone to enter the fence or leave the cockpit.

6.If the game machine can not worknormally or it can not stop automatically, you should turn off the power switch immediately or remove the power plug.

7.During the maintenance of the amusement machine, the power must be cut off in advance.

8.When replacing the fuse, you must use thesamefuse with the original specifications.



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