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Safety Rules for Riding the Self Control Plane

The safety of amusement equipment has always been the focus of people’s attention. Operators are increasingly focusing on quality and safety when purchasing self-control plane. So what should we do when riding a self-control plane?

  1. When passengers are riding the self-control plane, they should sit on the seats. Do not walk around in rides. Also do not put their hands, feet, heads, etc. outside the cabin for avoiding hurt themselves. In addition, passengers are strictly forbidden to open the door privately.
  2. Keep your own stuff: Before passengers take the rides, their stuff should be kept by their friends or operators, such as mobile phones, jewelry, etc., It’s to protect their stuff from damage and will not fall from the air and harm others when the rides is running.
  3. Please check if there is the safety inspection conformity in self-control plane: As national regulations, the periodic inspection period of amusement equipment is one year. After passing the safety inspection and passing the amusement facilities, the quality and technical supervision department will issue the safety inspection conformity mark and put it up in the amusement rides. Passengers are not allowed to take rides which have not been inspected, unqualified or overdue.
  4. Children are not allowed to ride alone.