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Safety Standards for Amusement Equipment

There are safety standards for amusement equipment, so what are these safety standards? Which aspects can we check?

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1. About the sliding type. For example, the roller coaster increases the allowable acceleration. Because when the roller coaster falls from the top to the lowest, the speed is very fast and the acceleration is very large, so the acceleration should be limited to a certain range in order to avoid injury to the passenger.

2. Increase all kinds of loads, like the wind load. when the wind is above 6 grade, the speed of the device itself, combined with the impact, the passengers are likely to sling out, which is very dangerous, so it is very necessary to stop running the amusement equipment immediately.

3. Adjust the safety factor. we decrease the safe coefficient. It is not necessary to use special material to meet the safety requirements of ordinary material. Previously, the safety factor was too high, which resulted in the waste of material and the increase of cost.

4. New requirements for safety assessment and safety analysis are added.

5. Add safety standards for water amusement equipment.

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