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Safety Strategy of Playing in the Children Playground !

Children’s playground are often the concentration area. Especially during the holidays, amusement parks are filled up with square amusement equipment and children of all ages.Parents are undoubtedly happy when they see their children enjoying playing, but above all they should step up the vigilance and keep an eye on Children.Providing a safe playground for children,what should parents pay attention to?

1.Before entering the indoor playground, parents should read the game introduction seriously, choose the equipment according to children’s physique and height, and do not choose the equipment that can not match children’s physical truth.

2.During the playing period, parents should always be their children’s side and carefully inspect sanitation and safety.

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3.Usually there are a lot of people in the playground, and the age difference is big, so parents would better let their children avoid the older children who are playing; and parents, whose children is older and naughty also need to guide their children, in case surrounding children are injured, which will avoid disputes between parents.

 4.Teaching your children not to climb up from the tail of slide,but leave the slid immediately, avoiding the damage caused by bump from latter children.

5.When playing a bumper car, parents should first fasten children’s seat belt, and avoid violent collision, especially head-on collision, because taking into account children’s bearing capacity is important.

 6.When playing a carousel, parents should prevent young children from falling. Don’t treat it lightly because of carousel’s low speed.


7.Making a card for your children. The card will be putted into children’s pocket,and the card information includes the name of children and parents, family address and phone number; in case parents and children are separated, the card will help children to find their parents as soon as possible; or giving a smart watch to children, which can locate children at any time.

8.Try to dress your children in simple clothes. Do not wear the clothes with a hat, long skirt, expansion skirt, or gauzy skirt, which will increase risk, like a child tumbled because he was stamped or grabbed by the other child, or a child tumbled because the clothes was scraped by the equipment when playing.

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