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Samba Balloon Amusement Equipment

Samba balloon rides is a perfect big amusement equipment, it mixes the colourful balloon and cabins together. In addition, this equipment can goes up and down, has rotation and revolution. There are about 2-4 passengers in every cabin, and the player can operate the center turntable to control the rotation of cabin, and enjoy more fun!

Samba balloon rides has broken the way that just one people can play the equipment. It not only suit for the kids, also can be played by the whole families. This amusement equipment have a luxury decoration and beautiful colour, have more function which players can control by themselves. During operation, the balloon with the cabin rotate up and down, and the players can have more funny experience. Especially in the night, the equipment have more shinning bright light which can bring more good feeling.

Riding instruction:

1.The operator should explain detailsabout the notes and regular, and they mustn’t allow the players who don’t suit for the riding condition to take the rides.

2. The operator must guide the player to seat and buckle the safety belt. Do not overload.

3.Keep order. 

4.Before starting the equipment, the operator should ring firstly and ensure everything is ok, then start the equipment.

5.When the equipment is running, the working staff can not leave.

6.The operator must pay attention to the customers, and stop some dangerous activities of players timely.


By Jinshan carnival rides