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Same Amusement Rides, Why the Price Is So Different?

  1. The Scale of Manufacturer

To a large extent, the size of the manufacturer determines the selling price of the amusement equipment. The rent of the factory, the wages of many workers, and other cost are all included in the price of children’s amusement equipment. Therefore, the price of large-scale manufacturers is relatively high, small-scale manufacturer’s the price is also correspondingly much lower.

  1. The Choice of Materials

In addition to the production process, the quality of children’s play equipment is determined by the quality of steel materials and electrical components. In the production process, manufacturers will choose different steel materials in order to save costs. Now the cost of steel is very high, which can save a lot of cost, which can be seen from the surface. However, it is difficult to detect the shrinkage of the electric device. I believe that many old operators should have experienced it. After the amusement equipment is bought back, small problems continue.

  1. The Production Process

Now it’s the age of face watching, and children’s amusement equipment is also the same. The manufacturing process of amusement equipment is mainly embodied in the grinding and baking paint of FRP and the structure of iron frame, which requires skilled workers, and correspondingly increasing the manufacturing cost.