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Sanitary Control Is a Big Aspect of Improving Amusement Image

As a new arisen popular children’s indoor amusement project in recent years, it provides first-class toys for kids. It has simple business mode, convenient management, so it has amusement and education two functions and it’s warmly persuited by social investors and highly conserned by parents.

Because there are many cases that each kind of touching transmitted disease, kids aged 0 to 6 are special crowd. They are not perfect in many aspects, low immunity, weak resistivity, and they belong to people susceptible to infectious diseases. Some special diseases are easy to spread and infect through respiratory tract and intestinal tract. Hand, foot and mouth disease, flu and trachoma are spread through hands and air etc. which makes babies easy to be around by health hidden danger in having fun.

Even through some amusement parks place hand distinfactor in bar counter, but the compliance rate is not so high, just like furnishings. But the main reason is parets’ and staff’s weak awaraness. What sanitation should pay attention to?

  1. Before entering and leaving the amusement park, use free washing hands and disinfectant to disinfect hands.
  2. Hands can not scratch eyes, nose and mouth, accompanied parents should remember to remind.
  3. Try not to eat snacks in amusement park.
  4. Because kids have tender skin, The main ingredients of disinfectants are alcohols. So when it’s the fifith time, it’s time to wash hands with water. Because long time with no water, it not only stimulate kids’ skin, but also result in drug resistant strain. So we must choose food grade and medical grade disinfectant.
  5. Often trim the nails. Do not leave “house” for germs.
  6. The parents should disinfect their hands before picking food and water.