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Self-control Pane

Self-control plane is a popular amusement games with children and adults. And it is made up by mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical. The appearance which is a rocket with some cabin. And It is a ride that rotates around the central axis with 6/8 cabins which can go up and down freely. For every cabin, it can ride 2 persons. Generally speaking, it can ride 12-16 persons. Of course, we can customized as client’s requirements. 

Self control plane is made by is made up of complex mechanical structures. The shelves are supported by steel frames. The material we used are steel and glass fibre, There are also colorful and beautiful LED lights and beautiful music in the appearance, especially in night, it looks very beautiful. Therefore, it is very popular among passengers whatever children and adults.

Friend, if you are interested in the rides, please contact us at any time, we will give you more details!!