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Self Control Plane

Self control plane is a kind of family amusement rides which is very interesting. When the plane ride start working, it will rotate around the vertical axis. At the same time, riders can press the button to make the plane go up and down, or stop at any time as they want. The self control plane ride is equipped with advanced music player and colorful LED lights. It is quite vivid, easy operation. It is suitable for the whole family and parents can play with their children.

Product Advantages of Self Control Plane Rides:
1. Its material is FRP and steel material: totally durable, firm and environmental.
2. It is painted with high quality paintings, which is not easy to fade away.
3. The equipment is produced with meticulous workmanship: safety and reliability.
4. The self control plane rides can be customized according to requirements.


The self control plan is one of the park’s popular amusement equipment.