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Shaking Rotating Flying Chair Should Sit Average to Avoid Eccentric Loading

Female passengers usually wear scarves in winter or have long hair. The operator must promptly discourage passengers from wearing scarves, or long braids should be wrapped with hats or hairband to avoid accidents caused by shaking of flying chair. For the shaking and rotating flying chair the operator have responsible for guiding the passengers and trying to make them evenly ride without causing eccentric load. Every child’s play equipment has its required number of riders, so don’t overtake for flying chair.

Staff should check whether the seat belt is fast and maintain the order before operate the flying chair, to prevent some passengers from accidents because they do not fastened their seat belts. Passengers are forbidden to take pictures within flying chair’s fence. For alcoholic passengers, we should refrain from taking a flying chair. Young children can’t ride the flying head chair, and they also forbidden parents with their baby to ride flying chair.