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Shenzhou Flying Saucer

1. Seats: 20/22/24 persons

2. Height :7.5m

3.Track length 27m,width 2m. 5 sections of track. Track height 7m. Radian 36m

4. Center disc diameter 6m

Highest point of operation 7m. The outer edge of the large plate and the edge of the track are in the same position ,generally leave a spare space , the large plate won’t exceed the track for safety.

5.Power: A 22KW motor drives the disk to move back and forth, rotating support motor of large disk is 5 KW.Plus other amplifier power, the total power is 30kw.

Mega Disco

6.Load-bearing,per capita is 80KG,trial run will go to 100KG

7.Light: All the large plate and shelf is installed with light

8.Safety system: Pressure bar (ratchet type) + seat belt. – – Manual

9.The height of the platform of the large plate is 1.7 meters above ground, track height is 40 cm above the ground. The platform for people getting on is 2 m high and 6 m long. It is generally trapezoidal, from both sides.

10.Weight:13T,container: a high cabinet and a small cabinet

11.Production time: 25-30 days. Installation: half a month will be fine if customers are cooperative.