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Simple Carousel

There are many styles in amusement rides. In general, the most classic is the carousel. The carousel is a kind of amusement games, that is, the horses which can move up and down are decorated on the rotating platform for tourists to ride. So the carousel is also called horse carousel.

According to the different appearances, the carousel can be divided into simple carousel and luxury horses. The difference between the two type is mainly about appearance material and lighting.

The simple carousel is mainly composed as following parts:

  1. Ceiling- It is usually made of PVC with varied colors. And it’s also relatively easy to install.
  2. Umbrella stand-It can be fixed something with screw or plug each other with a jack. Using screw is for the non-moving place, and the jack is for the moving place. Platform-It is made in different styles depending on the number of seats, the main difference is where the tires be fix.
  3. Track – The simple carousel’s track is connected with the center plate, it can be run well as long as the ground is flat.