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Site Selection for Outdoor Amusement Equipment

The site is a very important part for the operator, and amusement equipment installation, spending costs and other aspects are the decisive factor. Then what are the options for outdoor play equipment?
*According to the type of site to choose
Outdoor business site generally are parks, playgrounds, squares, tourist areas and temple fairs, and these sites are suitable for long-term fixed operation except for temple fair. Moreover, because the parks and playgrounds is the preferred site for operating amusement park equipment, so the rental is generally higher. If you can rent such a site, the amount of investment is relatively large, so the operators need to study more to reduce investment risk. The temple fair, as the site for liquidity operations,  generally its profit is relatively high, but the equipment need separate and install every time. so it will be more troublesome. People can choose according to own situation.
*According to the location of the site to choose
The city center or the busy area is the first choice of course, but the rental is always very expensive. If the site is not too remote in the city, it is a better choice. Some tourist areas are also good.

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