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Small Knowledge of the Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster

First, the introduction of sliding dragon roller coaster

The sliding dragon roller coaster is an electric drive railroad amusement machine, this equipment is shaped like a traditional “dragon”, it is driven by the front and rear transmission parts. It carries four carriages and travels along irregular spiral curved tracks, sometimes spiraling up, sometimes turning and diving rapidly under the upper track.It’s a thrilling ride, a novelty and a joy.

Second, the characteristics of sliding dragon roller coaster

  1. The sliding dragon roller coaster is shaped as a dragon tail. The whole train is driven by two transmission parts, front and rear. It travels along two spiral tracks, It is entertaining, interesting and stimulating. It is suitable for both old and young people.
  2. Bring new and happy feelings to tourists during the ride. Elegant dragon shape and decoration with national characteristics add to the interest of visitors and is a popular entertainment machine.